SOLD OUT JUNE 07 - Advantages Galore! Loire Leaseback Villas D20041
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  • Price: €100,000
  • City: Tours
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  • Surface ms: 34-44m²

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The Château of Azay-le-Rideau

Condition: Good
Full Description: June 2007 - SOLD OUT

'Les Jardins de Renaissance' - A superb concept of 101 1, 2 and 3-bed villas on a beautifully landscaped site, situated near to Tours in the Loire. Only 13 villas left now (including one 1-bed villas for the disabled), so read on and email me if you are interested in this!

Lease Information and Purchase Packs

The lease is for an initial 9 year period.
The VAT on the villa is paid for you by the development company. You just pay the VAT on the furniture kit and this is refunded to you at completion.

Guaranteed Leaseback Investment Pack
An excellent 5.2% return (as usual, on the price exc VAT and not including the parking place).

Guaranteed Leaseback Personal Occupation pack
Up to 8 weeks' personal use of your property for sliding scale of returns.

If you'd like to use your property, there is a formula used to calculate your subsequent yield which correlates directly with how many weeks of use you wish to take (up to a maximum of a generous 8 weeks).

So each High Season week equals .50% off of the 5.2%. eg Two weeks' use in high season will pring your annual yield down to 4.2%.

Each Mid Season week will equal a reduction of .30% (note the point here, so point 3 of a percent).

Each Low Season week will equal a reduction of .20% (again, note the point)

It's a simple way of calculating your use and gives real flexibility too.

Light Leaseback
Occupy your property for up to 6 months of the year and give as many weeks as you like to the rental management company for rental. You will be paid for any weeks your property is rented out for.

Alternatively, you can buy one of these villas outright, ie not under the leaseback scheme.

1-bed villas - 34.40m² - Villa exc VAT 84,430E plus parking exc VAT 3,000E plus the furniture pack inc VAT 13,001 = 100,431E, with 2,131E VAT on furniture to be repaid upon completion.

2-bed villas - 44.56m² - Villa exc VAT 109,366E plus parking exc VAT 3,000E plus the furniture pack inc VAT 16,000 = 128,366E, with 2,622E VAT on furniture to be repaid upon completion.

3-bed villas - 54.35m² - Villa exc VAT 115,729plus parking exc VAT 3,000E plus the furniture pack inc VAT 18,000 = 136,729E, with 2,950E VAT on furniture to be repaid upon completion.

1-bed villas especially adapted for the disabled - 35.90m² - Villa exc VAT 88,111E plus parking exc VAT 3,000E plus the furniture pack inc VAT 13,001 = 104,112E, with 2,131E VAT on furniture to be repaid upon completion.

Taxe foncière (annual French property owners' tax) - 1-bed 10.75E/m², 2-bed 9.67E/m², 3-bed 8.56E/m².

Co-ownership charges 20E inc VAT/m²/year

Site Amenities
Indoor heated pool, private terrace and garden, sauna, hammam and fitness room, plus tennis court and play area for children. The grounds are beautifully landscaped; the traditional villas have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. There is also a staffed reception on site.

The 'Five Plus Points' of this developer/management rental company (Lagrange -

1. The right to change your mind.
If, for example, when you bought your property, you opted for a contract giving you a certain number of weeks' use and then you decide you wish to spend a period of time without visiting the property and therefore maximizing your rental income; or, on the other hand, you chose an investment, no weeks' use pack and then decide you'd like to come and stay in your property, you can, subject to the agreement of the home owners department, modify the original contract at the end of the first three years and choose a different investment package.

2. The right to return unused weeks of occupancy
If you opt for a personal occupation package and know in advance that you will not be using all the weeks allocated to you, you may give these weeks back to the rental management company, who will pay you 50% of the public brochure price for any of these weeks subsequently let out.

3. The right to a personal welcome
The rental management company adds that personal touch to make your stay more pleasant. Household linen is provided and, if your residence has the facilities, you are entitled to use the sauna or hammam twice, free of charge during your stay.

4. The right to take a break more often and to pay less
Fancy a last minute short break? An exclusive privilege for property owners with this developer is that almost all of this developer's brochure is available to book for a weekend break (Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday) for the all-in price of just 40E for the whole 3-day break! (Subject, of course, to availability and providing you book a minimum of two full days before). Bathroom linen will be provided free of charge.

5. The right to freedom.
With an exchange market in place on 156 residences (and growing) covering more than 100 resorts in France, you have the world at your fingertips, for a nominal one-off administration fee of 59E per holiday. For example, this means you can swap one of your 3* ski weeks for a 3* or 4*summer holiday week instead! The only proviso is that there is a correlation of seasons (ie high season week for a high season week).

Please email me now for full details, including a real-time Stock List and lot plan examples.

Location: Azay-le-Rideau is famous for its majestic château, built on a small island in the River Indre, it resembles a large stone ship (see opposite).

There are in fact, SIX grand châteaux in the local region, so if you have a penchant for these historical buildings, this is certainly the region for you!

The village itself dates back to the 11th century and much care and attention has been paid to preserving the features that give the village its character and charm.

Apart from the region's many historical attractions, there are also a plethora of activities on offer, so if your other half prefers a round of golf (Ballan Miré - 20 mins away) or a few hours with a rod in his hand, while the kids go quad-biking, kayaking, and you head out on horseback, then this is all at your fingertips! There is even the Doué le Fontaine Zoo and Parc Beauval nearby for younger children and picnicking.

Short Description: June 07 - SOLD OUT

Listed by Jane Hughes


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