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French Properties Sold on Fractional Ownership Basis

Over the last five years we have seen property prices rising fast in the Languedoc, with second homes' prices climbing up and out of the reach of a lot of our clients.

France is now leading the west of Europe in property price inflation, and the Languedoc has the fastest growing prices of all of france.

Some buyers have seen leaseback apartments and villas as a solution, the guaranteed returns paying mortgages, but others would prefer something old in the heart of one of our historic villages, or new build but on a small estate.

This is why we are now looking at French property on a shared ownership basis. A unique limited company owning each house or apartment, and the owners owning all shares in that company.

A management company looking after the property.

Annual rotating choice of weeks in the high, mid and low season, with an owner's swap shop so that they can exchange chosen weeks.

The advantages

No DIY using up holiday time. Arrive to a well equipped and furnished property with, courtesy of the management firm, clean linen, towels and a welcome each time you come out to stay.

Costs such as rates and maintenance are shared.

Your shares will reflect market prices, they can be given or left to your children or sold. You can let your weeks or use them for house exchanges if you wish. The management firm will let them for you if you wish

The limited company can make decisions with a 50%+ vote. You don't like our management company? Sack them!! .

In short all the advantages of timeshare, and none of the disadvantages. Each property will be sold with membership of a home swap program.

We are in the process of arranging final detaols for a fractional offering in the Charente Maritime. We will be able to offer fifth shares of character 2 bedroom and 'cabine' cottages for a maximum price of 50,000 euros + furniture pack in a large estate boasting indoor and outdoor pools, squash courts, restaurant beautiful walks, lovely countryside with a choice of two golf courses within a 40 minute ride. You can 'try and buy' these cottages, mail me, for prerelease details and to arrange 'try and buy' reservations see Affordable French fractional ownership cottages in Western France
We also have a selection of 'destination club' style fractional ownership opportunities to offer in Paris. There are three luxury fractional ownership aprtments in this group. The first is now sold out, but there are still dome fractions available in the other two properties. These will be listed in the next week. ,

And more to come.

If any of the above interest you or if you would like to tell us what sort of property would interest you, please fill in the contact form below

Viewing/trial visits can be arranged..


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